Employee Insight – Disney

At Insight Editions, we have the great joy of working on books for the series and franchises we personally love. We’re all fans here! So every month, we feature one employee on what series they love the most. This month, we interviewed Editorial Assistant Erum Khan on Disney.


In one sentence, describe the Disney to someone who’s never heard of it.

There are too many Disney movies I love to choose just one to describe, but many of my favorites are about princesses on journeys to find love, family, and themselves.

How did you discover Disney?

My older sisters were already so obsessed with everything Disney by the time I came around that I never even had the chance to discover it. Sleeping Beauty and Lion King were playing in the background of more family videos than I can count.

Who is your favorite character?

Mulan, hands-down. Not only is she tough enough to hold her own in an army full of men, but she joins to save her injured father from having to conscript. What better role model could Disney give a girl?

What is your favorite scene?

The one where Mulan’s ancestors argue over who should be sent to save her from the Chinese army. It’s a classic family squabble, complete with floating great grandmothers and a tiny comedian dragon.

What other movie would you recommend to people who enjoyed Disney movies?

Anyone who enjoyed a classic Disney movie should try something Pixar, like Finding Nemo or Monster’s Inc. Not only are they beautifully animated, but the characters are timeless for adults and kids alike.


What Insight Editions book are you most looking forward to?
Speaking of Pixar, I love our Finding Dory IncrediBuilds book and model set. The model is a perfect Dory decoration, and the accompanying book is just as colorful and fun as the movie.

What previous Insight Editions book is your favorite?
I’m obsessed with Disney Princess: A Magical Pop-Up World. It includes all the classic Disney princesses in gorgeous pop-up scenes, as well as some newer favorites like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Rapunzel from Tangled.


Other Disney titles
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