Employee Insight – Due South

At Insight Editions, we have the great joy of working on books for the series and franchises we personally love. We’re all fans here! So every month, we feature one employee on what series they love the most. This month, we interviewed Senior Editor Mark Irwin on Due South.


In one sentence, describe Due South to someone who’s never heard of it.

It’s a buddy / cop show set in Chicago, with a streetwise detective and a misplaced Mountie from the Great White North.

How did you discover Due South?

I caught a random episode and was instantly hooked by the great writing and quirky nature of the show. It was created by Paul Haggis, no less.

Who is your favorite character?

Constable Benton Fraser, of course.

What is your favorite episode?

It’s hard to pinpoint one. While the show got sillier and more escapist the longer it ran (and was greatly enjoyable for those facts), my favorite episode is probably the most heartbreaking one, the two part, “Victoria’s Secret.” I think most fans of the show hated Melina Kanakaredes for years after it!

What other show would you recommend to people who enjoyed Due South?

I’m not sure there’s been another show quite like this one, though the buddy / cop thing is everywhere. Any story with great relationships is a good one to me.


What Insight Editions book are you most looking forward to?

Fantastic Worlds: The Art of William Stout (2018) and The Decade That Rocked (2018).

What previous Insight Editions book is your favorite?

Loved The Art of Jock, The Art of the Iron Giant, and Metallica: Back to the Front.
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