Employee Insight – The Flash

At Insight Editions, we have the great joy of working on books for the series and franchises we personally love. We’re all fans here! So every month, we feature one employee on what series they love the most. This month, we interviewed Executive Editor Vanessa Lopez on The Flash.


In one sentence, describe the The Flash to someone who’s never heard of it.

I’m going to cheat and use a semi-colon to create one really long sentence:

An ordinary guy becomes the fastest man alive after an accident involving a malfunctioning particle accelerator gives him super powers, along with several other people who mostly turn out to be villains; there are multiple Earths, plenty of time travel, science-y speak, and in general, lots of great nicknames for meta-humans.

How did you discover The Flash?

I can’t watch shows week-by-week. It’s all or nothing for me. So in the case of The Flash, I was sucked in as soon as it hit Netflix.

Who is your favorite character?

1) Barry
2) Felicity – This is also kind of cheating, because she’s technically on Arrow. Still, she’s awesome.
3) Cisco

What other show would you recommend to people who enjoyed The Flash?

Supergirl — The Flash crossover was one of my favorite moments on that show. Barry and Kara were insta-friends, and it will be fun to see them team up again now that both shows are on the same network. Plus, there’s talk of a musical crossover that I kind of can’t wait to see happen.


What Insight Editions book are you most looking forward to?

The Art of Mondo (available September, 2017)

What previous Insight Editions book is your favorite?
The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution. Jim Marshall was an incredible photographer.


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