Employee Insight – Labyrinth

At Insight Editions, we have the great joy of working on books for the series and franchises we personally love. We’re all fans here! So every month, we feature one employee on what series they love the most. This month, we interviewed Marketing Designer Lindsay Smith on Labyrinth.

How did you discover Labyrinth?

Before the inception of the internet and overindulging in that, I used to watch too much TV. HBO aired Labyrinth one Saturday afternoon and as soon as the David Bowie soundtrack started playing, I knew this would be my favorite movie. I’ve been a fan of the goblin king ever since. A few years back I even attended the Labyrinth Masquerade, a real-life masquerade celebrating the movie and all things magic, hosted annually by Shawn Strider of Sypher Arts Studio. If you’re a fan of the movie, I highly recommend it!

Who is your favorite character?

Jareth. He is the whole package.

What is your favorite scene?

The best scene of any movie ever is Labyrinth’s dream sequence. In order to delay Sarah from reaching the castle before thirteen o’clock, Jareth singles out Hoggle and bullies him into feeding her a poisoned peach, which makes her fall asleep. During this sleep, Sarah dreams every girl’s fantasy… that Jareth is in love with her. He tries to seduce her at an extravagant masquerade for adults… except she doesn’t feel quite grown up enough and is rather afraid. It’s the craftsmanship behind the set, costume design, and music that gets me.

What other movie would you recommend to people who enjoyed Labyrinth?

The Neverending Story, Blade Runner


What Insight Editions book are you most looking forward to?

Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History (coming Summer 2017)

What previous Insight Editions books are your favorite?
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Bowie: Album by Album and all of the Harry Potter coloring books.


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