Go Ahead, Make My Drink: Halloween Cocktail

The spirits of Halloween are brewing! This year to celebrate our favorite holiday, Insight Editions brings you a spooky cocktail recipe to concoct from Go Ahead, Make My Drink by Anthony Marinese. Featuring over 60 cocktail recipes inspired by the best of film and television, Go Ahead Make My Drink includes drinks such as the White Russian from The Big Lebowski, the Cosmopolitan from Sex and the City, and the Mint Julep from The Great Gatsby.


To honor all the ghosts and ghouls this October 31st, we’re recreating a recipe inspired by the classic horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. A mixture of Red Bull, rum, and cinnamon schnapps, this fiery “Krueger Bomb” will maintain your buzz on Halloween night, and prevent any encounters with Freddy Krueger! See the step-by-step recipe below.


1 oz bourbon
½ oz cinnamon schnapps
1 tbsp of overproof rum ( such as Bacardi 151)
½ cup of Red Bull
Pint glass
Shot glass


Step One

Pour the Red Bull into an empty pint glass.


Pour the bourbon into a shot glass, followed by the cinnamon schnapps.


Float the overproof rum on top of the bourbon and cinnamon schnapps mixture. Then, very carefully, light the shot on fire. Let it sit burning for a second or two, then gently blow out the flame.


Drop the shot into the pint glass of Red Bull, and enjoy your Krueger Bomb!

For more spooky cocktails that will send shivers down your spine, try the “Morticia” inspired by The Addams Family, the “Boomstick” inspired by Evil Dead, and the “Mother Bates” inspired by Hitchcock’s classic film, Psycho.

"Morticia" from the Addams Family   "Boomstick" from Evil Dead  "Mother Bates" from Psycho

Find more delightfully themed recipes in Go Ahead, Make My Drink, and order your copy now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound.