2018 Insight Editions Holiday Gift Guide

Once again, the holidays are here!

Whether you’re shopping for kids, a film buff, movie lovers, or comic readers, we have something for you!

For Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts
An exhilarating, interactive guide to the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry, featuring spectacular pop-up re-creations of key locations inside and outside Hogwarts castle. The book opens flat to form a pop-up map of the castle and its grounds—including the Quidditch pitch, the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, and the castle itself.

Harry Potter: Creatures: A Paper Scene Book
Revisit the magic of Harry Potter through four intricate, multilayer dioramas that capture beloved moments from the films. Every scene is followed by essential information about the creatures and fun, behind-the-scenes facts from the films.

Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts
A fun, practical guide to making your very own Potter movie, with guided activities on every aspect of moviemaking. From creating a storyboard to making costumes and even post production, this book will teach you how to create your movie masterpiece step-by-step.

Harry Potter: The Wand Collection: Collector’s Edition
This collector’s edition box set includes a scale model of the Elder Wand; Harry Potter: The Wand Collection featuring detailed profiles of over 50 characters and their wands; The Art of Wand Work, a book featuring wand blueprints, dramatic storyboards for wand battles, concept art of wand duels, and exploratory designs for wands; a new illustrated poster detailing wand movements and technique; and a deluxe cloth-bound keepsake box stamped with gold foil.

For Star Wars Fans

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual
How do you fly the Millennium Falcon? How many different configurations of the YT-1300 are there? Get the answers to these questions and more with this title, perfect for any gearhead Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Icons: Han Solo
Don’t know what to buy the aspiring space smuggler in your life? Give them a lesson in old-school cool with a look back at the smoothest rogue in the Star Wars universe, Han Solo. This title features old, rare production concepts, behind-the-scenes photos from the original trilogy, and a full exploration of the character, both in the films and in other mediums.

Star Wars: X-Wing and TIE Fighter Deluxe Book and Model Sets
Tired of stepping on plastic bricks of death? Gift an IncrediBuild this season! These models are all made from 100 percent recycled wood and don’t require any tools. Once built, the models can be painted however you’d like to make a one-of-a-kind creation.

R2-D2: Collector’s Edition Book and Model
“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.” Want something a little bigger? Our collector’s edition IncrediBuilds are more than four times bigger than our traditional model kits.

For Cinephiles

Clint Eastwood: Icon
“Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?” Have you heard this from a friend before? If so, this title is for them. A collection of the old, the rare, and the unseen, Clint Eastwood: Icon is perfect for fans of the Man with No Name.

James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction
Based on the hit AMC show of the same name, this companion book features interviews with six of the biggest names in sci-fi filmmaking—Guillermo del Toro, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ridley Scott, and Steven Spielberg. Follow along as the greatest minds in the genre discuss key topics including alien life, time travel, outer space, dark futures, monsters, and intelligent machines.

Die Hard: The Ultimate Visual History
Thirty years after the release of the groundbreaking action film, Die Hard: The Ultimate Visual History tells the complete story of the making of Die Hard and its sequels, through exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of each film and a wealth of unseen imagery, including set photography and concept art.

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water: Creating a Fairy Tale for Troubled Times
Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water: Creating a Fairy Tale for Troubled Times chronicles the entire filmmaking journey, from development to filming to postproduction. Featuring interviews and commentary from key actors and members of the creative team, the book also showcases the amazing concept art and design work created for the film.

Hitchcock’s Heroines
Author Caroline Young chronicles six decades of glamorous style, exploring the fashion legacy and filmmaking experiences of the amazing women who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. Meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated with studio pictures, film stills, and original drawings of the costume designs, this book offers revealing insight into a fascinating period of movie history and the relationships between one of its leading directors and his female stars.

Die Hard Christmas
Bring yourself and your loved ones back to Nakatomi Plaza this holiday season with Die Hard Christmas. Enjoy the humor, violence, and one-liners, now in kid-friendly illustrated form with not-so-kid-friendly dialogue.

For Gamers

Sea of Thieves: Athena’s Fortune
Join an adventure through the high seas based on the Rare Entertainment action-adventure game. Follow the infamous pirate Ramsey as he embarks on an impossible journey, and stow away with the ambitious Larinna, determined to leave her mark on history.

The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book
Bring Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone from the screen to the page! This pop-up book is filled with interactive pullouts and features your favorite cards and characters.

Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook
COUNTRY ROAD, TAKE ME HOME. Get ready for Reclamation Day with this cookbook for those who are ready to roam the wasteland with recipes inspired by Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic smash hit, Fallout.

For Comic Book Readers

Gypsy Omnibus
Set in the not-too-distant future, the world of Gypsy has it all: planetary highways, the coronation of a young Russian tsar, the resurrection of a Mongol army on the trail of Genghis Khan—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In the middle of all this is a gypsy truck driver who, fortunately, knows how to look after himself.

H. G. Wells: The Island of Dr. Moreau
Edward Prendick is rescued from drowning only to find himself on the strange island of Dr. Moreau. Hidden away on his remote island, Dr. Moreau has been conducting bizarre experiments, genetically modifying animals to give them each a conscience and the ability to speak. Prendick soon discovers that the animal impulses of these creatures are far from forgotten.

Clockwork Lives
Clockwork Lives is a steampunk version of The Canterbury Tales—and much more—that follows Marinda Peake as she strives to change her life from a “mere sentence or two” to a true epic.

Marvel’s Black Panther: The Illustrated History of a King
Before his debut on the big screen, Marvel’s Black Panther was the Wakandan king of comics. Learn about the origins of T’Challa through amazing illustrations and a showcase of his original appearances in the Marvel comics.

Stocking Stuffers

Beetlejuice: Handbook for the Recently Deceased Deluxe Note Card Set
The 1988 Tim Burton movie Beetlejuice is an endearing classic. Now fans can enjoy this unique note card set and keepsake box modeled after the Handbook for the Recently Deceased used by the characters in the film. Including a pocket journal and 20 note cards, envelopes, and sticker seals, this is the ultimate gift for fans to share their love of Beetlejuice with friends near and far.

Willy Wonka Hardcover Ruled Journal
Originally released in 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most enduringly popular movies of all time. Now fans can channel their inner golden ticket winner and record all their candy-inspired adventures in this deluxe journal.

Rick and Morty: Plumbus Owner’s Manual Notebook & Pickle Rick Journal with Pen
Is there someone in your life who constantly questions authority and has a secret lab in their garage? Do they have an affinity for humanoid pickles? Do they want a Plumbus, but have no idea what it is? These journals are perfect for the Rick and Morty fan

Harry Potter: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Hardcover Ruled Journal
Now fans can get in on the Weasley fun with this deluxe hardcover ruled journal, based on the twins’ eye-popping logo. The perfect accessory to the beloved Harry Potter films, this journal invites fans to bring a magical touch to their everyday writing.

DC Comics: Wonder Woman: The Complete Covers Vol. 1
No, this isn’t a book for ants. Minibooks are here! We’ve crammed some of the most iconic covers from Wonder Woman’s comic origins into this 2.5-by-3.5-inch book.

Home Goods

What do some of the most iconic characters of pop culture smell like? Now you can find out! Scented candles are perfect for anyone trying to get into the holiday spirit or into someone’s mind (Poison Ivy). Luminaries feature a large variety of your favorite franchises to help warm your home during the holiday season.
DC Comics: Poison Ivy Scented Candle (5.6 oz.)
DC Comics: Harley Quinn Scented Candle (5.6 oz.)
Overwatch: Loot Box Sculpted Candle
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Large Sculpted Insignia Candle
Game of Thrones: Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles (Set of 3)

For Photographers

His Holiness: The Fourteenth Dalai Lama
In His Holiness, Raghu Rai has captured the journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama in India, presenting an intimate photographic portrayal of the life of one of the most popular 20th-century spiritual leaders. Enhanced by historical commentary and archival photos of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, Rai’s work follows the spiritual leader’s journey from exile through his present worldwide influence in a stunning and intimate photo series.

Trees: Between Earth and Heaven
Through the vivid images of photographer Art Wolfe, Trees offers a sweeping yet intimate look at an arboreal world that spans six continents. Author Gregory McNamee weaves a diverse and global account of the myths, cultures, and traditions that convey the long-standing symbiosis between trees and humans, and renowned ethnobotanist Wade Davis anchors the text with a penetrating introduction.

For Music Lovers

Crash: The World’s Greatest Drum Kits
The lavish drum kits from the world’s most iconic bands are all on display in this title. Crash is perfect for drummers who want to rock the big stage.

Joni: The Joni Mitchell Sessions
Joni: The Joni Mitchell Sessions is the ultimate celebration of a visionary musician and the artist who captured her spirit on film. Featuring commentary from photographer Norman Seeff, this compilation is a true reflection on mutual creativity between artist and muse.

The Beatles in India
This new edition of The Beatles in India brings intimate images of the group, taken at an ashram in Rishikesh, India, to a wider audience than ever before, and commemorates the 50th anniversary of their famous trip. Containing a wide-ranging narrative by photographer Paul Saltzman, this unique and exclusive exploration of one of the Beatles’ most tender and bittersweet periods is a must-have for all fans of the legendary rock group.

Rock Gods: Fifty Years of Rock Photography
Rock Gods: Fifty Years of Rock Photography is the rich visual universe of Robert M. Knight’s work, replete with visions of guitar gods, monumental performances, and earth-shattering solos that chronicle the greatest moments in the evolution of rock music and culture. Knight’s photography fashions a unique perspective on the world of rock stars, creating some of the most compelling and evocative portraits of popular musicians witnessed to date.


Are you tired of stepping on plastic bricks of death? IncrediBuilds are here! Create intricate wood models from your favorite franchises, and then paint them to make a unique creation.

Batmobile Signature Series 3D Wood Model and Book
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Deluxe Book and Model Set
Overwatch: D.Va’s MEKA 3D Wood Model and Poster

For Kids

Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers! This title is packed with interactive sections to entertain and educate.

Batman Flashlight Projections
Bring the action of Gotham home! With a flashlight, you and your family can project the Bat family’s most iconic moments anywhere.

Adventures in Drawing: A Guided Sketchbook
Scott C. turns the creative process into an irresistibly fun and relaxing journey through a series of whimsical lands sure to inspire both the young and the young at heart, bringing out everyone’s inner artist.

The Safari Circle: Animal Pals
Chimps, dogs, elephants, and tigers bursting with personality engage young readers in this interactive guessing-game board book.

Seeds of Friendship: A Peanut Bear Adventure
When little Bea hurts her wing, Peanut Bear decides to do something special for her while she heals. He’ll grow her favorite flower—the chocolate cosmos! But where can he find its seeds?

Kitty Cones: The Purrfect Day
Miyu, Yumi, and Koko live above the best ice cream parlor in Kitty Bay Harbor. Whether it’s fishing for breakfast, floating through the Milky Way, or riding the roller coasters on Coney Island (caution, may result in hairballs), these kittens know how to have a good time.