Mondo Showcase #2 – “The Mummy”

“The Mummy” by Martin Ansin (2012)

Inspired by the world of comic books, Mondo began producing variant editions of their pieces in more limited quantities. ‘The Mummy’ by Martin Ansin is a perfect example of a beautifully executed, creative variant edition.

The original Mondo poster for ‘The Mummy’ uses a strong beige as its base. The beige base color gives the piece a natural feeling of sand in the illustration. The sandy base also washes out the other splashes of red and blue throughout the piece, making it feel aged. The hard black lines accentuate every detail of the mummy’s crinkled face and wrapped body.

The variant piece uses the same formula as the original to create a beautiful, eye-catching illustration of characters and events, but the most significant detail of the variant may go unnoticed at first glance.

Take a look back at the variant illustration and look for the differences. The title and credits are replaced with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. To ensure the proper use of ancient hieroglyphics, Ansin consulted with an egyptologist from the University of Chicago to oversee the implementation of the ancient language.

Martin Ansin’s ‘The Mummy’ piece is a testament to the creativity and determination of the artists in collaboration with Mondo. From the highly detailed portraits to the use of ancient egyptian hieroglyphics, Ansin’s ‘The Mummy’ is a reflection of the time and effort put into the piece.

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