Mondo Showcase #3 – “The Warriors” & “Cabin in The Woods”

The Warriors by Tomer Hanuka (2010)

“Mondo quickly became my favorite collaborator. In retrospect this relationship – and much of it it owed to Mitch & Rob – tilted the trajectory of my career away from editorial and toward a different industry: film and television.”

– Tomer Hanuka


The Mondo gallery has discovered and fostered a small army of talented artists throughout the years. Tomer Hanuka is a perfect example of the transformative effects of an artist’s relationship with Mondo.

In 2010, Tomer Hanuka, an Israeli immigrant and talented artist, was tapped by Mondo to create an alternative poster for the cult classic film, ‘The Warriors.’ Hanuka chose to depict ‘The Warriors’ running from the police in the subways of New York City. In Hanuka’s blog he explains that he chose this specific scene for one detail, which can be caught in a single frame, an abstract missing bunch of tiles in the wall. The missing bunch representing a piece of New York, “the subway tiles, like pixels, established parallel interpretations of NYC, a hellish shit hole, sure, but also a playful maze.”

‘The Warriors’ poster was Hanuka’s first officially-released screen print. Before working with Mondo, Hanuka had worked mostly in editorial illustration, working with almost every major national magazine and book publisher. Currently, Hanuka collaborates with Mondo frequently on new pieces of alternative pop culture art.

The Cabin in The Woods by Phantom City Creative (2012)

Ontario-based artistic duo, Phantom City Creative, was tapped by Mondo and Lionsgate to create an alternative poster for the upcoming film, ‘The Cabin in The Woods.’

Most alternative artwork live in their own space, free from the original art, but Phantom City Creative’s poster acts as a companion piece to the original poster. With the original art depicting the puzzle-like cabin from the exterior, Phantom City Creative’s piece takes a deeper dive into ‘The Cabin in The Woods.’

‘The Cabin in The Woods’ takes the traditional formula of a horror film, pushes it into a bottle, and shakes it all up. From a distance, ‘The Cabin in The Woods’ looks like a classic summer horror flick with a modern day twist. However, it isn’t until you see the film that you experience how meta this film truly is, and Phantom City Creative captures it perfectly in their art work.

Phantom City Creative takes the original poster art from the film and reveals the twisted, MC Escher-like interior. The film’s single purpose to unexpectedly twist and mold the classic horror genre is perfectly conveyed in the surreal interior of the cabin that Phantom City Creative illustrated.

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