Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History The Ultimate Fan Invitation


Are you the Ultimate Power Rangers fan? Are you a Power Rangers collector? Do you consider yourself an amateur historian of the series? Read on!

In Fall 2017, Insight Editions will be publishing Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History. This deluxe book will tell the complete story of the creation of the Power Rangers saga, from the original TV series through to the new live action movie from Lionsgate. Featuring new interviews with the cast and crew that have brought the various iterations of Power Rangers to the screen throughout the years, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History will be a comprehensive and definitive look at the franchise.

The book will also feature a wealth photos from the production of the various Power Rangers shows and movies, along with concept art, storyboards, script pages, and other visual treasures. The wider world of Power Rangers, including comics, video games and merchandising will also be heavily featured.

Now, to ensure that the book is filled with as many rare Power Rangers images as possible, Insight Editions is inviting fans all over the world to get involved with the creation of the book.

If you have a secret stash of high-resolution images, photographs, or a collection of memorabilia we can scan for potential inclusion in the book, then please let us know via the submission form. Please note that we are NOT looking for fan art or fan fiction, only imagery from official Power Rangers TV shows, movies, merchandise, comics and other spin offs.

Deadline: January 21, 2017

If one of your images is used in the final book then you will receive one free copy of Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History for your contribution. Note that initial submission does not guarantee inclusion without official confirmation from the publisher.

Please share this announcement with your fellow Power Rangers fans!

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