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The Art of Planet 51

Written by: Danny Graydon

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Product Description

Go behind the scenes of an out-of-this-world animated experience! The Art of Planet 51 is a rocket ride through Ilion Animation Studios, the visionary force responsible for this humorous and heartwarming space adventure. When Earth sends an astronaut to a new planet, the tables are turned as its inhabitants panic at this “alien” invasion. The astronaut’s only hope to return home rests in the hands of Lem, a teenage Planet 51 inhabitant who learns that sometimes rules must be broken for the greater good. Interviews with the creative team complement more than 250 pieces of concept art showcasing the future of animation.


• Original concept art and artist renderings
• An inside look at Ilion’s production and CGI
• Insights from the directors
• Features on the character development

About the Author

Danny Graydon is a freelance journalist specializing in film and graphic novels. He has written for such media outlets as Empire, Variety, and the BBC, and lives in the United Kingdom.


IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards: 2010 - FINALIST