Enchanted Tales

An ABC Fantasy

Written By: Kim Waters
Reproduced in gorgeous pastels, these images are so mesmerizing that adults will enjoy them as much as their intended audience-ages three and above. Tongue-teasing rhyme spins fantasy stories around each letter. With very subtle undertones of Eastern spirituality, this is a work in which imagination and education coexist in harmony.
Format: Main Book
Publication Date: 8/9/1999
ISBN: 9781886069084
Pages: 56
Trim Size: 8 x 9

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Kim Waters, Illustrator: Kim’s distinctive paintings and illustrations draw freely from Indian spiritual imagery, Persian miniature painting, Medieval and Renaissance illumination, Celtic folklore and Victorian book design. Her unique combination of Western alchemical symbols and intricate borders introduces the viewer to a rich and intruiging fantasy world.

Kim Waters has produced major works with her voluminous Illuminations from the Bhagavad Gita; The Butter Thief; Enchanted Tales, and numerous book illustrations and private commissions.