The China Tea Book
Written By: Luo Jialin
Tea isn’t just a drink—the cup you hold in your hands is steeped in more than five thousand years of history and it all began in China. A lavishly illustrated chronicle of the world’s most popular beverage (second only to water), The China Tea Book covers everything from the leaves to the pervasive culture they spawned.

Kettle-boiled tea in the Tang Dynasty, powdered tea during the Song, pressed cake in the Ming—the history of tea is as diverse as the varietals themselves. Whether green, oolong, or black, each tea has a unique personality, which The China Tea Book captures in photographs and facts. As the trade of tea took off in the 16th century, the associated health benefits and cultural expressions spread around the world. The etiquette of tea drinking and the art of tea brewing may be centuries old, but understanding them leads to a deeper appreciation of the now ubiquitous drink. Designed for leisurely reading yet eminently practical, The China Tea Book is sure to enchant Chinophiles and tea-lovers alike.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 11/6/2012
ISBN: 9781608871568
Pages: 212
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11.25

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Luo Jialin, Author: Luo Jialin holds an MFA from Peking University and is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Ljubljana of Slovenia. An expert in tea ceremony, he won certification as the tea-making master from Taiwan Luyu Tea Culture Institute. He lives in Beijing, China.