The Dark Knight Manual

Tools, Weapons, Vehicles & Documents from the Batcave

Written By: Brandon T Snider, Lee Montgomery
In 2005, filmmaker Christopher Nolan redefined Batman for a new generation with Batman Begins, followed in 2008 by The Dark Knight, and now 2012’s conclusion to the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Here, for the first time, is an in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan's Batman: The Dark Knight Manual, the definitive guide to his tools, vehicles, and technologies.

Following the destruction of Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne began to assemble key sketches, diagrams, observations, and other top-secret documents germane to becoming Batman; he then entrusted this manual to his faithful butler, Alfred. Every defining moment is detailed here, charting Wayne's collaborations with Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises on the latest cutting-edge technology.

This package features a distressed vintage cover design and includes removable documents, including the design and capability of the famed utility belt, the hi-tech functions of Batman’s cowl, and every detail of his amazing arsenal of weapons and gadgets, The Dark Knight Manual reveals how Bruce Wayne operates as Gotham's greatest protector.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s12)
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 7/10/2012
ISBN: 9781608871049
Pages: 112
Trim Size: 9.25 x 11

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Brandon T Snider, Author: Brandon T. Snider is the best-selling author of the award-winning Dark Knight Manual as well as the Avengers: Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest series. Additionally, he's written books featuring Cartoon Network favorites like Adventure Time, Marvel's Spider-Man and Black Panther, plus pop culture icons such as Justice League and The Muppets. Brandon lives in New York City, where he's a member of the Writers Guild of America.

Lee Montgomery, Co-Author: Lee Montgomery has been illustrating for over twenty years in advertising, design, and publishing. He originally worked in watercolor, but has transitioned almost entirely to digital, combining pin-sharp drawings and technical accuracy with a softer more painterly approach. His children’s books include Knights and Armor, Fantastic Ships, Babe and Friends, and Simple Science.