Our Top 5 Favorite Spells from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire

Are you a Slayer or witch looking to fight the good fight? Gather round your personal Scooby Gang and dive in to Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire!

It is said that every good witch has a grimoire—a book of magic spells and invocations. Buffy’s best friend and Sunnydale’s resident witch, Willow Rosenberg, is no exception. While she never intended for another’s eyes to gaze upon its pages, Willow has at last chosen to share her personal grimoire with all of you—those she considers friends in the fight against the First Evil!

With an overview of the basic tools of witchcraft—most of which can be found around one’s house!—and more than 50 of the most important spells and rituals, The Official Grimoire is an indispensable tool for any practitioner.



With so many interesting and useful invocations to choose from, it was difficult to choose our favorites. Some of these we hope you never have to use, but at least you’ll be well prepared if you do…

  1. Mindwalking (Or, a Spell to Hop in Your Best Friend’s Mind and Snap Her Out of an Ill-Timed Catatonia)

We all know that no one can face The First alone—that even the best among us are susceptible to disturbing or otherworldly forces.

Has someone you know and care for fallen catatonic, and can no longer be trusted to help you or defend themselves? Or have you found yourself in a situation where the greater good might be served by your entering the mind of another, to see their thoughts and memories without detection?

Whatever your motivation, this spell is the next best thing to telepathy. But we caution you: use this spell with care!

  1. A Spell to Send an Object to Another Dimension

Is a troll relentlessly pursuing you? Do you have a little sister who won’t stop borrowing your clothes without permission? (Okay, okay: we’re kidding about that one.)

If so, this is all the invocation you need to dispel the disturbance!

Willow writes: “simply surround the object or person you wish to transport with items that have a special relationship to the dimension that you hope to reach,” and then call upon an appropriate deity to aid in the transport. And: Poof!

(But, really: don’t transport your sister to another dimension.)

  1. A Spell to Understand Cats (But Only in Commercials)

Who among us couldn’t benefit from a bit more feline finesse?

Sure, this spell may only help to better understand cats of the two dimensional variety, but we think it’s a great start. Maybe you and your Gang can experiment and build upon the spell, so that eventually your own pets and even those feral neighborhood felines, can be better understood. We’re pretty sure cats know a lot more than they let on, and we need all the help we can get, right?

If you’re successful, just be sure to share the new spell with the rest of us! We promise to thank you.

  1. A Spell to Store and Control Lightning

It might take a little bit to gather the necessary tools and ingredients for this spell but, come on, we’re talking about lightning; your efforts will be amp-ly rewarded.

Gather together a rod of quartz or amber, two lengths of Ram’s Wool, and a copper Mjölnir pendant. With these objects, follow a few simple steps and you’ll be able to store an increasing amount of power within your caster, for release at a time of your choosing.

It’s important to note, though, that you may not be able to touch doorknobs on dry days for a few months after casting this spell. The good news? You’ll probably save a fortune on batteries.  

  1. Healing Spell (Or, A Spell to Transfer Energies to the Site of a Demon-Inflicted Wound)

All that’s needed to carry out this spell is one super-powered Slayer. Which means that this is a spell best invoked by the more practiced among us…

Willow instructs: “Close your eyes and relax into a state of meditation. Focus on your heart chakra and direct its energy to the site of your wound. Visualize the wounds closing. When that doesn’t work, have your Slayer friend come sit on your bed. Join hands. Get a boost of Chosen One power. It’s a whole lot better than ointment.”

She makes it sound so easy! (Sigh.) But we think it may take some practice. Unfortunately that means that you or your friends may have to encounter some demon-inflicted wounds; we hope for everyone’s sake that the incidents are few!

This grimoire is jam-packed with practical advice and instruction! We think you’ll also appreciate Willow’s chronicling of personal memories, notes, and illustrations, as well as the annotations—sometimes funny, sometimes helpful— from Buffy and the rest of the Gang, that can be found throughout the book.


The Official Grimoire is available now.


Best of luck to you, witches and Chosen Ones!