Knitting With Disney


UPDATED: 06/07/22

Ariel Socks

[Page 81]

Updated Chart Key

The Belle Shawl

[page 149]

Chart E: Work Rows 1-12 once.

Next Row (RS, inc): K2tog, yo, *(k3, kyok) 3 times, k2; rep from * to last 3 sts, k1, yo, ssk — 125 sts.

"We Know the Way" Blanket

[page 197]

In Blanket Boats (bottom of the left-most column on page 197), Row 2 WS should be:

--Row 2 (WS): K7, sm, purl to m, sm, k7.

Also in Blanket Boats (middle column, page 197), Row 18 should be:

--Row 18 (WS): K7, sm, purl to m, sm, k7.