24 Official Creations Inspired by the Wizarding World

Crafts by Matthew Reinhart

Text by Jody Revenson

Below you'll find all of the templates you need to create the paper crafts featured in Harry Potter: Magical Paper Crafts

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Chapter One: Welcome to Hogwarts

Hogwarts Crest Hex-Flex Toy

Spellbinding Notebook and Feather Quill

3D Potions Bottles

Patronus Spell Wand

Chapter Two: Magical Objects

Howler Letter

The Marauder’s Map

Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs

Sweet Treat Boxes

Sirius Black Wanted Poster Wall Hanging

Chapter Three: Flora and Fauna

3D Hedwig Perching Puppet

Trevor, Scabbers, and Crookshanks Folded Creature Companions

Rolling Ball Pygmy Puff

Fluffy Marionette

3D Herbology Plants

3D Whomping Willow

Chapter Four: The Triwizard Tournament

Triwizard Tournament Carousel Book

Kirigami Beauxbatons Carriage

Folded Paper Durmstrang Ship

Hungarian Horntail Dragon Mobile

Chapter Five: The Wizarding World

Kirigami Hogwarts Express

Hagrid's Hut and Herbology Pop-Up Scenes

Grawp Flinger

Knight Bus Pullback Racer

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Automaton

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