• Format: Hardbound
  • Categories: .
  • Published on: 10/15/2019
  • ISBN: 9781683837084
  • Pages: 5 spreads
  • Trim Size: 8.875 x 10.625
  • Season:

Ghostbusters Ectomobile: Race Against Slime

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Product Description

Experience memorable moments from Ghostbusters with this interactive board book and toy Ectomobile. With an interactive track built into the book, Ghostbusters can investigate spooks, specters, and ghosts roaming the New York City streets.

From the New York Public Library to the Firehouse headquarters and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man–damaged Columbus Circle, follow along as the Ectomobile visits all the haunted spots from the beloved original film. Filled with fun illustrations and including a collectible Ectomobile, Ghostbusters: Race Against Slime will thrill Ghostbusters fans of all ages.

About the Author

Marc Sumerak, Author: Marc Sumerak is an Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated writer and editor. His recent work for Insight includes Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos, Guardians of the Galaxy: Creating Marvel’s Spacefaring Super Heroes, and Ghostbusters: Ectomobile: Owner’s Workshop Manual.

JJ Harrison, Illustrator: JJ Harrison is the illustrator of the best-selling book A Die Hard Christmas as well as other picture books, comics, and posters. Despite thinking very little of his own work, somehow it is featured in some of the world’s most popular art galleries and he enjoys the privilege of working with entertainment’s top publishing companies. When he’s not drawing he likes to skateboard, eat cereal, and play with dogs.