The Godfather: The Corleone Family Cookbook

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Product Description

The Godfather trilogy is widely recognized as one of the greatest movie series of all time. Now, you’ll finally be able to make your very own family–inspired meals with recipes for Mama Corleone’s famous pastas, sauces, meatballs, breads, and desserts. Immerse yourself in the classic story of the Italian immigrant family determined to keep their long-held traditions intact in the new world. Featuring 75 authentic Italian recipes for infamous dishes such as "the best in the city" veal Marsala, Clemenza’s Sunday sauce, and of course, "Leave the gun" cannoli.

Celebrating the strong themes of loyalty, family, and tradition, The Godfather: Mama Corleone’s Family Cookbook sheds new light on the legendary trilogy. Including images and quotes from the films, this in-world cookbook is an absolute must-have for all fans of The Godfather – especially those with a taste for the finer foods in life.

About the Author

Liliana Battle, Author: Liliana Battle is an accomplished travel and food writer. Her family hails from Calabria, Italy, where she draws a lot of her influence. She has written three cookbooks: Easy Home Cooking Italian Style, Food for Sharing Italian Style, and The Sweet Life: Home Baking and Sweet Treats Italian Style.

Stacey Tyzzer, Photographer: Stacey Tyzzer discovered her fascination for photography and art at a young age and completed her BA in Applied Visual Imaging at the age of 21. Originally from New Zealand, Stacey moved to the small mining town of Port Hedland in Western Australia where she established her own business, Locket Photography. She has photographed everything from large public events, weddings, and births and her images are featured in many publications. Stacey met Liliana while photographing Liliana’s cookbook, The Sweet Life, which showcases her passion for food photography (not to mention her sweet tooth). She enjoys the perks that come with being a food photographer, namely being chief taste tester and being able to take containers of leftovers home for her husband Dane. A serious coffee addict and a globe-trotter at heart, Stacey’s aim is to photograph the world one café at a time.