Barnstormers, Vol. 1
Written By: Renny Castellani, Kenny Porter
The year is 1928. Pilots from the Great War find themselves thirsty for daredevil antics and adventure. With the cost of warplanes plummeting, pilots buy the planes at wholesale and launch into business for themselves. The Barnstormers land at local farms, performing stunts and giving rides to make a living.

When giant occult monsters escape the conflicts of the Great War, the Barnstormers find themselves enterprising as adventurers, monster hunters, and hired guns. Evil and danger loom on the horizon, but for Roscoe Adams and his wingman, Clyde Turner, no monster is too big for the bounty! Together, our heroes embark on the job of their lives by saving the country from giant monsters and taking out the cult of sorcerers who unleashed them on the world.
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 9/7/2021
ISBN: 9781683836636
Pages: 88
Trim Size: 6 x 9

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Renny Castellani, Artist: Renny Castellani is an Italian comic book artist and works with Panini comics for Disney Italy. She is most known for her work on Topolino and Donald Duck.

Kenny Porter, Writer: Kenny Porter is a comic writer who won the first Top Cow Talent Hunt for Writing in 2012. Since then he has published a short with Heavy Metal called "Su-Zan: Queen of the Wild," published Ink Ribbon with Visionary, and successfully Kickstarted a comic with Kendall Goode and Paulina Ganucheau called Violent Skies.