Big Panda and Tiny Dragon Book Collection

Heartwarming Stories of Courage and Friendship for All Ages

Written By: James Norbury
“While the drawings have the charm of Winnie-the-Pooh, the captions have the depth of ancient proverbs.” — The Guardian

“Food for the soul.” – CBS Mornings

Filled with delightful illustrations, timeless wisdom, and a tale of extraordinary friendship, the Big Panda and Tiny Dragon books tell a universal story that speaks to the soul.

Including both Big Panda and Tiny Dragon and the sequel The Journey, the Big Panda and Tiny Dragon Book Collection contains the full published collection of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon illustrations from British author and artist James Norbury.

The best-selling books chronicle the adventures of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon, two unlikely companions who journey through life together. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, the beautifully illustrated vignettes of quiet, sometimes silly, conversations between the pair highlight the emotions, hardships, and happiness that connect us all.

As they travel through the changing seasons, Big Panda and Tiny Dragon learn how to live in the moment, make peace with uncertainty, and find the strength to overcome life's obstacles together. Above all, they learn that any day can be brightened by good company and a cup of tea.

TWO COMPLETE BOOKS: Includes full editions of the international bestsellers Big Panda and Tiny Dragon and The Journey

BIG PANDA AND TINY DRAGON: James Norbury’s first debut took the unlikely friends and their delightfully insightful reflections from internet sensation to best-selling book

THE JOURNEY: The adventures of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon continue in a new adventure that explores friendship and self-discovery

DELUXE SLIPCASE: The books are housed in a beautifully designed slipcase, making an elegant display on a shelf or a thoughtful gift

INSPIRATION FOR ALL AGES: Filled with timeless wisdom, Big Panda and Tiny Dragon’s adventures offer comfort and guidance for readers of all ages facing an uncertain adventure, from a new job to a new school to a new day
Format: Kit
Publication Date: 9/5/2023
ISBN: 9798887620190
Pages: 320
Trim Size: 6.5 x 8.25 x 2.2000000000000002

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James Norbury, Author: Artist, author, and illustrator James Norbury has a demonstrated love for nature and animals. He studied Zoology at university, practices a vegan lifestyle, volunteers with the nonprofit Cats Protection, and takes care of seven cats with his wife in South Wales, UK. In his spare time, James likes to read, play video games, play guitar, and practice karate.