Can We Live on Mars?

Mind Mappers—making difficult subjects easy to understand

Written By: Giles Sparrow, El Primo Ramón
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No one has ever been to Mars. It is between 35 million and 250 million miles away, depending on the calendar. But Space scientists are developing a rocket to take us.

How do we know when to go? Can we land without crashing and burning? How will we survive when we get there?

Mars has a thin and unbreathable atmosphere, intense radiation, and sandstorms the size of North America. There is no fuel, and the only water is locked in the frozen icecaps and particular rocks.

Mind Mappers Can We Live on Mars? unravels the complicated science and logistics of this incredible challenge. Structured in a unique way using the visual-thinking technique—mind mapping—complex ideas are broken down into a clear flow of visual information. The mind map connects the information, making it easy to grasp. Even the youngest wannabe astronaut can learn how humans may be able to reach and live on the Red Planet in their own lifetime.

BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS: Combines the beauty of a picture book with science-based facts and information.

UNIQUE APPROACH: Can We Live on Mars? is structured using a visual thinking technique called “mind mapping,” where complex ideas are broken down into a clear flow of visual information. The “mind map” connects the information, making it easy to grasp.

ACCESSIBLE TO EVERY READER: The text is carefully layered and leveled for emerging to proficient readers.

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Publication Date: 10/15/2024
ISBN: 9798886741629
Pages: 72
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Giles Sparrow, Author: Giles Sparrow studied astronomy at University College London and science communication at Imperial College London. He is now an author specializing in astronomy, science, and technology. His books include DK FindOut! Universe, Children’s Encyclopedia of Space, Mars: A New View of the Red Planet, and The Universe and How to See It. He is a regular contributor to magazines including All About Space and The Sky at Night.

El Primo Ramón, Illustrator: El Primo Ramón worked as an architect and has a PhD in Graphical Expression. He gave this up to embrace his passion for illustration, and now produces gorgeous artwork for children’s books, magazines, and to accompany radio shows.