Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook
Written By: Eugenia Bone, Evan Sung
Mushrooms are a low-fat, fiber-rich, sustainable food that is surprisingly varied in taste and texture, and more and more people are interested in cooking them. But how? The days of pan frying alone are over. Dive into the world of mushrooms with this informative and engaging cookbook that includes delightful recipes for soups, pasta, salads, sides, main dishes, desserts, and more, all featuring a variety of cultivated and wild mushrooms. Fantastic Fungi: The Community Cookbook is a unique collection of crowd-sourced recipes, tested by Eugenia and selected for publication because they are simply delicious. 

The cookbook also features five thoughtful and engaging essays written by Eugenia that explore a wide range of topics, including mushroom cooking, mushroom cultivation, and mushroom foraging. With beautiful full-color photography by noted food photographer Evan Sung, this cookbook will expand your appreciation of mushrooms, their different tastes, and their many, many applications, from flavoring drinks to replacing meat. The most diverse and comprehensive mushroom cookbook available, Fantastic Fungi: The Community Cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who is curious about the marvelous world of mushrooms and the magic they can make in the kitchen.
Format: Hardbound
Published on: 11/23/2021
ISBN: 9781647222956
Pages: 264
Trim Size: 8 x 10

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Eugenia Bone, Author: Eugenia Bone is an award-winning nature and food writer. She has published over six books, and her work has appeared in many outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Saveur, and Food & Wine.