Gods and Goddesses Card Deck

Mantras, Blessings, and Meditations (Mandala Wisdom Decks)

Mandala presents an exotic collection of Gods and Goddesses artwork in this fabulous card deck. Each card highlights a particular deity of the Hindu pantheon and provides corresponding mantras, meditations, prayers and blessings. These cards reveal a "who's who" in the spiritual world and identify which roles particular gods and goddesses play in the universe. For greater intelligence, petition Saraswati. For the removal of obstacles, invoke the presence of Ganesh by chanting his mantra. These delicately detailed cards make attractive home centerpieces and great gifts for both young and adult. A pronunciation guide is included.
Format: Kit
Publication Date: 9/30/2003
ISBN: 9781886069466
Pages: 52
Trim Size: 4.3 x 6