The Hungry Family Cookbook

Healthy, Quick & Delicious Food

Written By: Kjartan Skjelde, Berit Nordstrand
With easy, healthy meals for any weeknight, plus more elaborate dishes for family cooking on the weekend, parents will find nourishing inspiration in The Hungry Family Cookbook. This complete book also features a section on health benefits, including best choices for kids of all ages, with lots of helpful guidelines—like which fats to eat, the importance of protein, how to replace sugar in foods, and how to cook vegetables to retain maximum nutritional value. Rich with lifestyle imagery, this cookbook emphasizes the connection between healthy eating and happy living.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Breakfast: Whether it’s a drink to kick start your day or breads with different spreads, this book has enjoyable healthy breakfast recipes for the most important meal of the day. Sample recipes include: Red Smoothie with Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese, Nugatti Spread, Bread Baked in a Cast-Iron Pot.

Chapter 2: Everyday Meals: From lemon mackerel with sweet cabbage and grilled asparagus to chicken wings with Caesar salad to pork stew with tomatoes and mashed potatoes, this chapter is the longest chapter of the book and covers a diverse range of dishes.

Chapter 3: Small Dishes: For anyone who craves something healthy and quick to eat between meals, The Hungry Family Cookbook gives you ideas for everything from energy bars to smoked trout and avocado on crisp bread to a hot sandwich with lox.

Chapter 4: Weekend Meals: Weekend meals are different from weekday meals, with more time for creativity and cooking with your family. Sample recipes include: Moussaka, Shellfish Bonanza, Grilled Mussels with Green Curry Soup and Yoghurt Lefse.

Chapter 5: Sweets: Fruits and berries are the common thread in this chapter. Light desserts like coconut drops, strawberry and yogurt bars, and chocolate cookies will help you round out any meal or double as snacks.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 10/11/2016
ISBN: 9781681881133
Pages: 320
Trim Size: 7.75 x 9.65 x 1.3

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Kjartan Skjelde, Author: Kjartan Skjelde is an award-winning chef based in Norway. He was the host of the TV show “Nordic Flavors” and, since 2014, has been a judge and host for Master Chef Norway. He has worked at the Palace Grill in Oslo, the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Christie’s Inn in Denmark, and the Culinary Institute of Norway. He is a partner and chef at Tango Bar and Kitchen, as well as Fish & Cow Brasserie.

Berit Nordstrand, Author: Berit Nordstrand, a Norwegian MD, author, and mother of six, is passionate about the health benefits of clean, natural food and daily nutrition. Through entertaining stories, easy recipes, and effective tips—all of which are grounded in research—she inspires people to eat to get the most out of life. She has authored four additional books in Norwegian.