The Lord of the Rings: The One Ring Glass Candle
THE POWER OF THE ONE RING IN YOUR HOME: This hand-poured candle features a stunning design of the fiery inscription of the One Ring written in Tengwar from the Black Speech of Sauron.

GLOWING INSCRIPTION: This beautifully design candle features frosted glass and a gold foil band with the inscription that will glow with the candlelight as the candle burns.

INCLUDES A REPLICA OF THE ONE RING: A bonus gold-plated replica of the One Ring, to be worn or displayed, is embedded in the wax and will reveal itself once the candle has burned down.

QUALITY CANDLE: A double wick and the finest ingredients of soy and coco wax provide an even, clean 36-hour burn.

PERFECT GIFT FOR FANS: Packaged in a beautiful ready-to-go gift box, this candle makes a thoughtful gift for any fan of The Lord of the RingsTM.

Format: Home Goods
Publication Date: 11/30/2021
ISBN: 9781682986806
Candle Scent: none
Trim Size: 3.15 x 3.5