Whose Nest?
Written By: Victoria Cochrane, Guy Troughton
Can you guess whose nest? Take a peek into the nest and look at the clues that surround it—a feather, a footprint, a tasty food morsel—and guess whose nest. Then turn the page to find out who really lives there.

The animals include:

• Dormouse
• Tree frog
• Clownfish
• Eagle
• Rabbit
• Mallard duckling
• Bumblebee
• Gecko
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 10/1/2013
ISBN: 9781608872046
Pages: 40
Trim Size: 10.25 x 10

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Victoria Cochrane, Author: Lynette Evans has written many books for children. She’s pretty nosy, so she loves finding clues and solving mysteries. She also loves surprises, so she had a lot of fun writing Whose Nest? Where Lynette lives in New Zealand, soaring seabirds called gannets build nests out of scraps of seaweed on the windswept cliffs above the wild Tasman Sea. Lynette likes to live life on the edge now and then, but she’s glad she’s not a gannet chick! She lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Guy Troughton, Illustrator: Guy Troughton painted his first bird at four years of age and hasn’t stopped since. After completing a zoology degree in London, Guy began to illustrate and paint full-time. Renowned for his exquisite watercolors, Guy’s award-winning work has been published in countless natural history publications and his beautiful wildlife paintings are held in collections around the world. When Guy is not in his studio painting, he is busy teaching and sharing his love of art. Born in Surrey, England, Guy now lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife Ellie and their sons John and Max.